Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood in 2021

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5 Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood in 2021

5 Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood in 2021:
Telugu film industry has got new talent in the form of young directors and talented story writers. The pandemic has given a space for new thoughts and new stories in Tollywood. The resultant is that the Telugu audiences are witnessing eye feast movies, some in theatres and some on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Aha, etc.

Presenting you the 5 best experimental movies of the Tollywood film industry released in the first half of 2021.

1. Zombie Reddy

Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood_Zombie Reddy
5 Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood in 2021 – Zombie Reddy

Zombie Reddy was released in Theatres in February and later available on Aha, a dedicated Telugu OTT platform. The film is based on an experimental failure of the coronavirus vaccine. It is the first time Tollywood has witnessed a zombie-related movie, and people embraced it with an open heart. This movie is directed by Prashanth Varma, known for ‘Awe’ movie, which is an out-and-out experimental movie. Zombie Reddy is no less than his first movie, Awe, in projecting the fresh and new feeling. The film has reportedly collected a total of Rs 15 Cr worldwide in just two weeks.

2. Uppena

Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood_Uppena
5 Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood in 2021 – Uppena

Uppena movie has been a social media sensation since its trailer launch and was already an industry hit before its release. The movie created a lot of buzz with unique aspects but was handled very well by Buchi Babu Sana, the director of Uppena. Although the film is a debut for both hero and heroine, they captivated the audience with their outstanding performances. Buchi Babu has tried to formulate a new definition for love with this movie, which was widely accepted by the audience. It collected ₹83–100 crore at the box office and is the most significant industry hit. It is now available on Netflix.

3. Play Back

Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood_Play Back
5 Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood in 2021 – Play Back

Time travel movies are scarce in the Tollywood industry compared to Hollywood. Aditya 369 is the first time travel film in India. But not many movies are released after that in this genre. Play Back is a movie that depicted the concept of time traveling intellectually. The storyline says that an antique telephone works as a medium between two different time-lapses due to some technical glitches. Hari Prasad Jakka has deliciously cooked up a fresh and exciting concept fairly flavored with mother sentiment. The film’s main leads have carried the emotions throughout the film and made it a good choice for movie lovers. The film is available on Aha.

4. Cinema Bandi

Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood_Cinema Bandi
5 Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood in 2021 – Cinema Band

Cinema Bandi is a pure feel-good movie that came out recently. It has all the aspects to make the viewers immerse in emotions, enjoy the laughter, and celebrate their success. The film runs entirely in a village background, and all the scenes seem very real. The captain of the ship, Praveen Kandregula, touches every heart that has an urge to become a filmmaker through the movie. Hence, it stood as a must-watch movie for all the movie lovers out there. Although most actors and actresses are unfamiliar, they did a great job in their innocent villager roles. The film is available on Netflix and is rated 8.1 out of 10 in IMDB.

5. Ek Mini Katha

Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood_ek mini katha
5 Best Experimental Movies of Tollywood in 2021 – Ek Mini Katha

Ek Mini Katha is another bold movie after Arjun Reddy and Uppena. It spoke about a common misconception in men and was handled super delicately. The young director, Karthik Rapolu, who also worked as a writer for Nani’s Krishnarjuna Yudham, has depicted the psychological problems faced by the young generation men in this movie. Special mention to the lead actor, Santhosh Shobhan, who handled all the emotions perfectly and became a massive part of the movie’s success. Ek Mini Katha took a step towards eliminating stereotypes in sex education. It is available on Amazon Prime.

These 5 movies are either debuts or the first hits for the directors, but absolutely experimental movies. Besides these five movies, some other movies like Chaavu Kaburu Challaga, A1 Express, and Sreekaram also tried to present new concepts. Some of them are industry hits, and some are the audience’s favorites. What is your favorite movie so far in 2021?

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