Hey Buddy… Wondering who I am?

I am Filmy Chai, your new chai-time dhosth. Don’t you believe me? Okay… Let me introduce myself while you sip your favorite chai.

Filmy Chai is your entertainment guru in suggesting you the best films to watch- where and how, and your mischievous friend in gossiping the hot and trending happenings in the film industry, no language barrier, no platform barrier.

A tourist guide to advise you of the best places and famous foods. A nutritionist to promote your health and look after your diet. A trainer in keeping you fit and energetic, and what not!

How? Simple! Follow us on all social media platforms, and your buddy is right with you.

The best part is you can also be a content creator. Just submit your story, podcast, or video on these topics, and we post it here. Guess what? Your post can be in the WOW category if it goes viral. Until then, Let’s have one more chai, and I’ll tell you what happened today