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Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal to watch before you die

The best Mohanlal movie list – hand picked by our editorial staff

Mohanlal is an Indian cinema actor who predominantly works in Malayalam movies and rarely appears in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi language films. One of the most esteemed Indian actors, Mohanlal has had a prolific career spanning over four decades. This complete actor has acted in more than 300 films.

This shortlist featured a few stellar performances defining the actor’s work, particularly in the ’80s and early ’90s. You can’t claim to be a Mohanlal fan if you haven’t watched these incredible movies of the highest-paid, multi-talented actor of the Malayalam film industry.

#1 Devasuram (1993)

Neelakantan (Mohanlal), the heir to his father’s fortunes, squanders away his father’s largesse and good name. His life changes completely when his mother discloses a terrible secret on her deathbed that changes the course of his life.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Devasuram (Trailer)

#2 ​Kireedam (1989)

The life of a young man, Sethumadhavan (Mohanlal), turns upside down when he intervenes in a dispute to rescue his father from a cruel local outlaw.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Kireedam (Full Movie)

#3 ​Nadodikkattu (1987)

After losing their jobs in Kerala, Dasen (Mohanlal) and Vijayen (Sreenivasen) decide to relocate to the Middle East. But they end up in Tamil Nadu, mistaken as two CID officers by a group of smugglers.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Nadodikkattu (Full Movie)

#4 ​Spadikam (1995)

Chacko (Thilakan), a school headmaster & a President’s medal winner in Mathematics, is never happy with his son, Thomas (Mohanlal). However, Chacko is never pleased with Thomas and continuously degrades him. Having had enough of his father & wrong upbringing, Thomas runs away from home only to return as a goon after a long.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Spadikam (Full Movie)

#5 Thanmathra (2005)

Thanmathra draws the story of love, life, and family. Ramesan Nair (Mohanlal) is a Clerk in Secretariate, leads a happy family with his wife & two children. The peace of the family is destroyed when Ramesan Nair loses his memory due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, Thanmathra excels in every aspect. Cast, performances, direction, Script work, music, cinematography, art, screenplay, and whatnot, Thanmathra is a perfect film.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Thanmathra (Trailer)

#6 Thoovanathumbikal (1987)

Jayakrishnan (Mohanlal) falls in love with two beautiful girls, Radha(Parvathy) and Clara (Sumalatha), and fights his uncertainty about whom he should marry and spend his life with. The flick has turned into a cult film with a large following and commands good viewership. There are apparently so many interpretations and explanations to the story. Every time you watch it, you find a new angle to it.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Thoovanathumbikal (Full Movie)

#7 Bharatham (1991)

Bharatham (1991) is a tale of two classical musician brothers, Kalliyur Gopinathan (Mohanlal) & Kalliyur Ramanathan (Nedumudi Venu), from a family with Carnatic music heritage. While the elder brother, Raman, wastes his life and talent away after becoming an alcoholic, the younger one, Gopi, fulfills their joint responsibilities towards their family.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Bharatham (Full Movie)

#8 Drishyam (2013)

Georgekutty (Mohanlal) lives a happy life with his wife and daughters. He goes to extreme extents to save his family from punishment after the family commits an accidental crime.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Drishyam (Trailer)

#9 Pavithram (1994)

Unnikrishnan (Mohanlal) finds his personal and professional life at stake when his mother gives birth to a girl. Though his marriage is fixed with Meera, a beautiful woman, he needs to raise his newborn sister.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Pavithram (Full Movie)

#10 ​Vanaprastham (1999)

An illicit relationship between a Kathakali dancer, Kunhikuttan (Mohanlal), and a young woman, Subhadra (Suhasini), from an upper caste family results in an illicit child. He faces difficulties when Subhadra refuses to let him see their son. Kunhikuttan, distraught, then changes into a sad monster, taking up evil roles.

Best Malayalam movies of Mohanlal – Vanaprastham (Full Movie)

#11 Pranayam (2011)

The plot revolves around the love bond between the characters of Mathews (Mohanlal), Grace (Jaya Prada), and Achutha Menon (Kher). Grace is married to Mathews, who is bedridden, and loves him immensely. Menon runs into his former wife, Grace, and starts thinking about her.

Pranayam (Trailer)

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