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Best Telugu short films on Youtube

FilmyChai ‘Handpicked’ Best Telugu short films on Youtube (June 2021)

Are you looking for some good Telugu short films on Youtube worth watching? With millions of videos on Youtube to choose from, finding the perfect short film can be a big challenge.

Luckily for you, FilmyChai did extensive research and curated a list of the best Telugu short films on youtube to stream right now.

With regular updates to adjust for new arrivals and expired titles, we make sure this post lists the best of the best all the time. So don’t forget to check back in later to find the latest entries.

FilmyChai has done all the hard work in handpicking the best Telugu short films. All you have to do now is enjoy these tremendous short films & leave your valuable comments about the post.

1. Bandham Regad (2017)

Director: Saahith Mothkuri
Cast: Yuva Chandraa, Priyanka Sharma, Srikanth Reddy Ganta
DOP: Monish Bhupathi raju
Synopsis:  Words cannot describe this movie. It is simply the best short film I have ever seen. Direction, Cinematography, screenplay, everything about this film is so perfect and so excellent that you almost feel no other short film can ever be this good.

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Bandham Regad (2017)

2. Freedom @ Midnight (2021)

Director: RJ Shaan
Cast: Anupama Parameswaran, Hakkim Shajahan
Synopsis: On a rainy evening, Chandra(Anupama Parameswaran) reveals an intimate matter to her husband, Das(Hakkim Shajahan). It would change their lives forever, shattering whatever they had known about each other. Would they be having the strength to continue their lives as usual after realizing that truth?

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Freedom @ Midnight (2021)

3. MAA (2018)

Director: Sarjun KM
Cast: Kani Kusruti, Anikha
Synopsis: 15-year-old Ammu tells her mother hesitantly that she is pregnant after an encounter with her schoolmate. Her mother, Sathya, is frantic, torn between her dogmatic and conservative husband and her daughter’s pressing emotional needs.

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – MAA

4. Ontiganta (2011)

Director: Hussain Sha Kiran
Cast: Kireeti
Synopsis: “Ontiganta” revolves around the chance meeting of two strangers in the middle of a night. One in the wait of girlfriend and the other in the want of a lighter. I am sure You will be amazed by the climax. It is a must-watch short film. 

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Ontiganta (2011)

5. Nischitartham (2021)

Director: Chandu Ledger
Cast: Pavan Kumar, Tejaswi Rao
Synopsis: A beautiful love story that revolves around a guy who had anger issues and a girl who loves peace.

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Nischitartham (2021)

6. A Silent Melody (2014)

Director: Prashanth Varma
Cast: Prachi Thaker, Kunal Kaushik
Synopsis:  A melodious & beautiful love story of a deaf & mute girl. 

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – A Silent Melody (2014)

7. Why Not A Girl..? (2016)

Director: Sunil Puppala
Cast: Nandu Maddy
Synopsis: This emotional short film shows how are we making our country the most feared place for a girl child to arrive?

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Why Not A Girl..? (2016)

8. Dialogue in the Dark (2016)

Director: Prashanth Varma

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Dialogue in the Dark

9. The Viva (2013)

Director: Sabarish Kandregula.
Cast: Shanmukh jaswanth, Viva Harsha
Synopsis: “The Viva” shows how funny the viva exams in engineering institutions cab be. I am sure that this short film can bring back your college memories.

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – The Viva (2013)

10. I am that change (2014)

Director: Sukumar
Cast: Allu Arjun
Synopsis: This Short film makes you start thinking about the country and our contribution to it every day. The film’s theme is that every positive change in ourselves is also a service to the nation

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – I am that change (2014)

11. Sainma (2015)

Director: Tharun Bhaskar
Cast: Rahul Ramakrishna
Synopsis: An ordinary-looking hero Ramu aided by his faithful sidekick, Galeez, fails in their master plan to elope with Ramu’s sweetheart, Ramula, for the third time.

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Sainma (2015)

12. Nau Do Gyarah (9 2 11) (2013)

Director: Raghunadh Reddy V
Cast: Anirudh Thotapalli, Chandini Chowdary, Naveen Patamatalanka
Synopsis: The story revolves around four petty gamblers Arjun Krishna (Anirudh Thotapalli), Harshitha (Chandini Chowdary), Salam (Roshan Devanand), and Karan (Surendra). This life takes a big turn when they encounter a corrupted police officer. 

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Nau Do Gyarah (9 2 11) (2013)

13. Lovaholic (2011)

Director: Hussain Sha Kiran
Synopsis:  Lovaholic shows the funny angle on the apprehension of the hero about love. Like the Midas touch changes everything to gold, Whoever he loves or proposes, gets married to a different person. 

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Lovaholic (2011)

14. Uday (2018)

Director:Karthik Sonti
Cast: Harsh Vardhan Kanumilli, Snehaja Velidindi,
Synopsis: This film is about the journey of a young man, Uday, who wants to pursue his dream to become a successful filmmaker.

Best Telugu short films on Youtube – Uday (2018)

15. Aa Gang Repu  (2015)

Director: Yogee Qumaar
Cast: Aata Sandeep
Synopsis: “Aa Gang Repu” is a short concept with a situation between a girl and a gang of four who attempts to gang-rape her in the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Aa Gang Repu  (2015)

16. Fidaa (2017)

Director: Maggi
Cast: Santosh Samrat, Preethi Asrani, Swapnika
Synopsis: Best Telugu heart touching love short story of all time.

Fidaa (2017)

17. Krishnamurthi Garintlo (2016)

Director: Lakshman k krishna 
Cast: Manoj krishna tanneru, Darshini shekar, Appaji Ambarisha Darbha
Synopsis: Krishnamurthi Garintlo is a beautiful love story with a small dose of complicated relationships. The film’s theme is “Never wait for tomorrow to tell her/him if you live someone. Maybe the next day will never come”.

Krishnamurthi Garintlo (2016)

Lastly, Don’t forget to check back in later. A lot more interesting movies to join our curated best of the best list

Best Telugu short films on Youtube

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